These podcasts, Albertopolis on Air, offer encounters with a few of the experts and characters who populate and illuminate the area. Alongside the map you can use this podcast to navigate Albertopolis (and our book); wander amongst its re-written, seemingly ossified, sometimes challenging spaces, allow its coordinates to tug at your sleeve, and make your own way.

Produced by Nina Kock.
Edited by Benjamin D. Harvey, Elizabeth Holdsworth, Jeremy Atherton Lin & Nina Kock.

Full version of the podcast is available here


Written by Jeremy Atherton Lin.
Read by Baneen Mirza, Elizabeth Holdsworth & Jeremy Atherton Lin.

An introduction to Albertopolis beginning at the roundabout where Prince Consort Rd and Exhibition Rd meet.


Directed by Lia Forslund.

Interview with Thomas Creedy, research postgraduate student at the Imperial College Aerial Robotics Laboratory.


Written by Isabel Taube, read by Baneen Mirza.

A visit to the English National Ballet’s main rehearsal space behind the Royal College of Art and the Royal Albert Hall.


Directed by Fi Churchman & Joyce Dixon.

A walk in Hyde Park with birdwatcher Ralph Hancock, writer of the blog 'Birds of Hyde Park'.


Directed by Elizabeth Holdsworth & Nina Kock.

A climb up the Queens Tower at Imperial College to hear the ringing of the bells from the highest point in Albertopolis.


Directed by Elizabeth Holdsworth & Benjamin D. Harvey.

A visit to the Science Museum on Exhibition Rd.